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19"/ 21"/ 23"/ 24" Server Rack/ Network Cabinet(CLM-248XX-XX)

Wide Sheet Steel Cabinet Rack
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  • 19"/ 21"/ 23"/ 24" Industrial Equipments
  • ANSI/EIA-RS-310C/D
  • Wide Sheet Steel Structure
  • Powder coating for RoHS compliant
  • UL/CE Certification
  • Color: Black/ Beige
  • Flat Packages
  • Loading Weight: 1600 KGS up
Patent Pended No.:
TW M271065
JP 3118290
GE 20020050163511
US 11/266,282
Sheet Steel Cabinet Rack

Door Variants:
1. Vented Glass Door
2. Mesh Door
3. Glass Door
4. Flat Door
5. R-Shaped Door
6. Folio Doors/ Two Door/ Three Doors/ Four Doors

Roof Panel Variants:
1. Flat Panel
2. Vented Panel
3. Panel in 18mm Height
4. Ventilation Panel

Mounting Angles:
1. F-shaped
2. U-shaped
3. M-shaped
4. S-shaped
5. L-shaped

Rackmount Accessory Variants


  • Applicaions for server system, telecommunication system, community network, network system, monitoring system.
  • Meets 19"/ 21"/ 23"/ 24" industrial standard, such as ANSI/EIA-RS-310C/D
  • High Loading Weight for your devices by the strong structure.
  • Adjustable Mounting Angles by per patch holes of 50mm
  • Multi-function of main posts for your cable management
  • "D.I.Y." flat packages for saving more freight cost and room.
  • Two additional entries on the roof and plinth are good for the cable management.
  • The vented design on the top panel , the bottom panel & the front door can efficiently reduce the interior heat for higher ventilation.
  • Brush on cable entries can block dusty and keep cable and keep the system secure.
  • Design of the roof & the plinth for easily assembly & dismantled.
  • Temperated on the door can keep security of the system and convenient to monitor the condition without opening the door.
  • Powder coating for RoHS compliant .
  • Black & Beige for color selections .
  • All product are made in Taiwan.
  • ODM & OEM product are welcomed to contact us.

Width Depth Height(mm) Height(U) Model No.
800mm 600mm 1200mm 25U CLM-24860-25KI
800mm 600mm 2000mm 43U CLM-24860-43KI
800mm 800mm 1200mm 25U CLM-24880-25KI
800mm 800mm 2000mm 43U CLM-24880-43KI
800mm 1000mm 1200mm 25U CLM-248100-25KI
800mm 1000mm 2000mm 43U CLM-248100-43KI

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