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Outdoor 19" Network Computer Rack/ Cabinet(IP65)

Sheet Steel Cabinet Rack


  • Applications for outdoor telecom equipments, industrial battery equipments.
  • Meets 19" industrial standard, such as ANSI/EIA-RS-310C/D
  • Adjustable Mounting Angles by per patch holes of 50mm
  • Rear fans fitting for cooling and crosscurrent fan blowing equally wide wind.
  • The backup cooling system for any unexpected situation & damage.
  • Rubber Cable Entries on the plinth for dust-proof and protection of cable cover.
  • Thermal Insulating structure for extremely environment.
  • The protection of human-damage thunder damage.
  • Powder coating for RoHS compliant .
  • Beige for the color selection.
  • All product are made in Taiwan.
  • ODM & OEM product are welcomed to contact us.

Width Depth Height (mm) Height (U) Model No.
600mm 400mm 800mm 16U OCSG-64016
600mm 400mm 1000mm 20U OCSG-64020
600mm 400mm 1200mm 25U OCSG-64025
600mm 400mm 1400mm 34U OCSG-64034
600mm 400mm 1800mm 38U OCSG-64038
600mm 500mm 800mm 16U OCSG-65016
600mm 500mm 1000mm 20U OCSG-65020
600mm 500mm 1200mm 25U OCSG-65025
600mm 500mm 1400mm 34U OCSG-65034
600mm 500mm 1800mm 38U OCSG-65038
600mm 600mm 800mm 16U OCSG-66016
600mm 600mm 1000mm 20U OCSG-66020
600mm 600mm 1200mm 25U OCSG-66025
600mm 600mm 1400mm 34U OCSG-66034
600mm 600mm 1800mm 38U OCSG-66038
600mm 800mm 800mm 16U OCSG-68016
600mm 800mm 1000mm 20U OCSG-68020
600mm 800mm 1200mm 25U OCSG-68025
600mm 800mm 1400mm 34U OCSG-68034
600mm 800mm 1800mm 38U OCSG-68038


Rackmount Accessory Variants

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