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CLM-228XX-XX Wide Multi-function steel Open Frame Rack

Wide Telecom Open frame Rack for cable management

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  • Meets 19"/ 21"/ 23"/ 24" industrial standard, ANSI/EIA-RS-310C/D
  • Main Structure: Square steel welding frame with side outlets
  • Assembly Parts: Flat Roof, Plinth, Posts, Depth Stays, Mounting Angles, Castor(or Leveling Feet)
  • Width: 800mm
    Depth: 564mm/ 664mm/ 764mm/ 864mm/ 964mm
  • Height: 12u/ 16u/ 21u/ 23u/ 25u/ 30u/ 34u/ 36u/ 39u/ 41u/ 43u
  • With castor or Leveling Feet
  • Flat Packages

Rackmount Accessories Variants

Optional Doors Variant:
Glass Door, Flat Door, Side Panel, Vented Mesh Door, Arch Mesh Door, and so on.

  • Applicaions for servers, telecommunication,monitor and cabling networking system.
  • Meets 19"/ 21"/ 23"/ 24" industrial standard, ANSI/EIA-RS-310C/D
  • Strong main frame of Square posts for steady and heavy-loading server system.
  • Heavy-duty loading up to 1200 kgs.
  • F-shaped mounting frame provide a steady construction.
  • Flat packing for saving more freight cost and room.
  • Powder coating for RoHS compliant .
  • Black & Beige for color selections.
Width Depth Height Height Model No.
800mm 600mm 600mm 12U CLM-22860-12
800mm 600mm 800mm 16U CLM-22860-16
800mm 600mm 1000mm 21U CLM-22860-21
800mm 600mm 1100mm 23U CLM-22860-23
800mm 600mm 1200mm 25U CLM-22860-25
800mm 600mm 1400mm 30U CLM-22860-30
800mm 600mm 1600mm 34U CLM-22860-34
800mm 600mm 1700mm 36U CLM-22860-36
800mm 600mm 1800mm 39U CLM-22860-39
800mm 600mm 1900mm 41U CLM-22860-41
800mm 600mm 2000mm 43U CLM-22860-43
800mm 700mm 600mm 12U CLM-22870-12
800mm 700mm 800mm 16U CLM-22870-16
800mm 700mm 1000mm 21U CLM-22870-21
800mm 700mm 1100mm 23U CLM-22870-23
800mm 700mm 1200mm 25U CLM-22870-25
800mm 700mm 1400mm 30U CLM-22870-30
800mm 700mm 1600mm 34U CLM-22870-34
800mm 700mm 1700mm 36U CLM-22870-36
800mm 700mm 1800mm 39U CLM-22870-39
800mm 700mm 1900mm 41U CLM-22870-41
800mm 700mm 2000mm 43U CLM-22870-43
800mm 800mm 600mm 12U CLM-22880-12
800mm 800mm 800mm 16U CLM-22880-16
800mm 800mm 1000mm 21U CLM-22880-21
800mm 800mm 1100mm 23U CLM-22880-23
800mm 800mm 1200mm 25U CLM-22880-25
800mm 800mm 1400mm 30U CLM-22880-30
800mm 800mm 1600mm 34U CLM-22880-34
800mm 800mm 1700mm 36U CLM-22880-36
800mm 800mm 1800mm 39U CLM-22880-39
800mm 800mm 1900mm 41U CLM-22880-41
800mm 800mm 2000mm 43U CLM-22880-43
800mm 900mm 600mm 12U CLM-22890-12
800mm 900mm 800mm 16U CLM-22890-16
800mm 900mm 1000mm 21U CLM-22890-21
800mm 900mm 1100mm 23U CLM-22890-23
800mm 900mm 1200mm 25U CLM-22890-25
800mm 900mm 1400mm 30U CLM-22890-30
800mm 900mm 1600mm 34U CLM-22890-34
800mm 900mm 1700mm 36U CLM-22890-36
800mm 900mm 1800mm 39U CLM-22890-39
800mm 900mm 1900mm 41U CLM-22890-41
800mm 900mm 2000mm 43U CLM-22890-43
800mm 1000mm 600mm 12U CLM-228100-12
800mm 1000mm 800mm 16U CLM-228100-16
800mm 1000mm 1000mm 21U CLM-228100-21
800mm 1000mm 1100mm 23U CLM-228100-23
800mm 1000mm 1200mm 25U CLM-228100-25
800mm 1000mm 1400mm 30U CLM-228100-30
800mm 1000mm 1600mm 34U CLM-228100-34
800mm 1000mm 1700mm 36U CLM-228100-36
800mm 1000mm 1800mm 39U CLM-228100-39
800mm 1000mm 1900mm 41U CLM-228100-41
800mm 1000mm 2000mm 43U CLM-228100-43

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